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    A bit of History . . . Roy and Chuck opened the doors of our first facility in 1961 in a small processing plant located behind what is now Meadowbrook Trailer court. Then in 1969 they began building our current facility. The building was finished in March of 1973. At that time we were strictly a custom beef and lamb processing facility. Over the years we have grown. We have since added on to the building three times and added a storage barn and two picnic pavilions. Over the years we have added custom processing of hogs, goats, buffalo, elk, and wild game. We also added a small retail outlet and service several local businesses and other wholesale outlets. Turk Brothers currently employs nine full time employees and three part time employees. We harvest approximately 30-40 hogs a week and 15-30 cattle. During the summer months at our pavilions we cater a limited number of cookouts for company and organizational parties. No Order too large or too small! From a pound of ground beef to a whole beef, Give us a call!