• Welcome to Ashland

  • There are twenty-two "Ashlands" in the United States. We want to help you know more about our Ashland - Ashland, Ohio. This is where hometown atmosphere and metropolitan style meet!

    Situated among the gently rolling hills of northern Ohio, the Ashland region is blessed with wonderful attributes: it is traditional yet modern, friendly yet respectful, and just far enough away from the frustrations of urban centers yet close enough to enjoy their benefits. For people that crave diversity in their life, the Ashland area offers wonderful variety -- socially, culturally, and even geographically. It is a place where you can stop to chat with neighbors after an evening concert in the park. Where the phrase "charge it" to a local merchant means adding the cost to your monthly tab. It is a place where you can buy fresh-baked pies from roadside Amish wagons.

    Ashland, Ohio is an area of globally-changing industry and farming, diverse shopping, the arts, high school and collegiate sports and boundless year-round recreation. Whether you're looking for a solid community to relocate your business or family, or just want a place to 'get away from it all', consider "our" Ashland, we're proud to call it home.

    The Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce works in collaboration with other pro-business organizations in our community.  Please visit their websites for more information!