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    ''We pledge to treat every family as if they were our own, and today, your family is our family.'' We use these pocket cards to train our employees to make the right decisions. We often ask, ''If it were your mother, would you have done anything different?''

    Roberts Funeral Home and American Cemetery Services is a company whose goal is to provide families with the best possible service and merchandise available, and to have a reputation of being an ethical company throughout those communities. We have been innovators in our industry from the beginning, and are constantly looking for new ways to honor and celebrate those that are so important to the families we serve.

    Prearranging cemetery and funeral items before there is a death in the family makes sense. It is a fact that families will spend more after a death occurs, than if they had purchased those items before a terminal illness or death occurs. It is our responsibility to assist our community in understanding the value in prearranging. That is why we offer planning guides and professional consultation services. Please contact us to get started today!