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    About Us

    Park National Bank…a bank where the clients have said, “ we trust you and we count on you.”
    Throughout our lifetimes we are faced with opportunities that are unique to us and we want someone to
    assist us with making the important decisions. With Park’s roots going back, 150 years, we believe
    our clients have spoken loud and clear and said, ”we trust you and we count on you”.
    In today’s uncertain times it’s good to know that there are some things you can count on, and one of the
    things you can count on is the fact we will be here for you - You can count on us!
    How do you know this? You would know this because, we are open more hours than any of our
    competitors, we offer Online banking for both business and personal clients… including Bill Pay,
    Telebank, convenient-easy access locations and a network of ATM’s through the Park National
    Corporation Family. But, most importantly, we have associates who understand that the relationships
    they have with our clients is the reason we are successful, and why, after 150 years they still count on us.
    Brian R. Hinkle
    Direct 419.994.9008