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    About Us

    Ohio Tool Works is a Leading Edge Award winning company acknowledged throughout the honing industry for the high quality of its custom manufactured honing machines and tools and its unparalleled commitment to customer success. The company was recently recognized as Vendor of the Year by Honing Incorporated of Houston, Texas, a division of Texas Iron Works.

    The team at Ohio Tool Works are leading experts in the field with more than 100 years of combined experience, having previously represented some of the industry's leading honing machine manufacturers before uniting their talents to form the company in 2004. With vast experience in industrial equipment design, upper management, engineering and honing operations, Ohio Tool Works received industry-wide support based on their excellent relationships with customers and industry professionals which enabled the company to experience phenomenal growth of 35% versus revenue for the past three years.

    With a firmly established reputation among customers and industry professionals, Ohio Tool Works is commended for intelligent operations, high-end consultative and training services, expert engineering and applications knowledge, and the quality, flexibility, durability and reliability of its custom manufactured honing machines and tools.

    Above all else, Ohio Tool Works continues to be recognized for its commitment to customer service, providing live support 24/7, and ensuring customer success from the initial consultation right through post-production. Ohio Tool Works wants to be your preferred vendor and offers you a level of high quality and commitment to your success unique in this industry.