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    We are Huntington. We were founded right here in the Midwest, and more than 140 years later, we still bear our founder's name. From generation to generation we have served the people of this region. This heartland. Our home. Welcome to our corner of the world. Welcome to a bank that is uniquely committed both personally and financially to this region. A place where no other bank is large enough to make a difference and local enough to see it through. And where we dedicate every day to be providers of a better present and the creators of a better future.

    Welcome to where we are the #1 SBA lender in our region. Where, when others turned and ran, we continued to loan money to small businesses. Where we are one of the top auto loan providers in our region. And where we provide mortgages that are serviced only in our region. Welcome to where, instead of outsourcing our calls halfway around the world, our call centers are staffed and located right here. Where we've been recognized for having customer service that outshines other regional and national banks. Where we employ over 10,000 people. And where we are committed to creating more jobs. Right here. Our home.

    Welcome to where we speak your language and share your values. Where someone's word still means something. Where we still treat people with fairness and respect. Where we are dedicated to helping people make their money work harder. And their lives a little easier. Welcome to where all banks are definitely not the same. Welcome to Huntington.