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    Conery Manufacturing, Inc. is an original equipment manufacturer of basin accessories used in conjunction with submersible pumps. They manufacture float switches, base elbow rail systems, alarms, enclosures, and many other products that are used in basin assemblies. Their sister company, AC/DC Equipment Company, is also located in Ashland and provides electrical components for control panel assemblies. At Conery Mfg Inc, we are pleased to produce equipment for the wastewater industry at the highest level of quality. We match these products with customer service, competitive pricing and reliable, timely shipping.

    Our #2900 series float switch has been produced for over 30 years, and is offered in a variety of configurations to suit your needs. We offer floats from control duty to pump duty with nearly all options available to meet your requirements. Our Freeflo product line of Base Elbow Rail Systems are available for nearly all major pump brands on the market today. Whether you need an elbow for a small effluent pump or a large submersible non-clog pump, we can help. Additionally, we offer a full line of accessory products that complement our float switch and base elbow products. From float switch brackets, to check valves, to stainless steel lifting chains, we put the products for your pump station in one place.