• Guiding Principles

  • Core Values Core Values


    The core values of our Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Staff are:

    • Integrity – We maintain a high level of integrity, ethics and respectfulness for each other and those in the community. We will be candid, fair, professional and honor our commitments.
    • Accountability – We will comply with all legal requirements for governance of our organization and be good stewards of the investments made by our membership.
    • Excellence – We will deliver innovative programs, services, products, opportunities and technologies that will have value for our members and be respectful of their time and financial commitment to our organization.
    • Relevance – We will be an integral part of the community by upholding the commitment to growth and development of our organization, our staff members, our individual members, our businesses and organizations, as well as the communities we serve.
    • Diversity - We will view diversity in gender, culture, ethnicity, professional background and size of firm/organization as strengths to be sought and utilized as beneficial to the Chamber and our programs.
  • Chamber By-Laws

  • By-Laws By-Laws

    Bylaws define the following and more:

    • Our official organization name
    • Our purpose
    • The requirements for membership
    • Our officers' titles and responsibilities
    • How offices are to be assigned
    • How and when meetings should be conducted and held

    To view a full version of the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce's By-Laws, CLICK HERE.