• Leadership Ashland Application

    Application to participate in the upcoming class of Leadership Ashland. Training the future leaders of tomorrow!
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    Please provide the phone number where you prefer to be reached.
    Please provide the name and contact information of someone you work with.
    Please provide the name and contact information of someone who is familiar with your community involvement.
    Please provide the following information: Employer Name, Address, Phone Number/ Title/ How long in this position/Name of direct supervisor
    To graduate from Leadership Ashland, participants must meet these attendance requirements:  Opening conference and retreat in September (possible accommodations fee)  Planning sessions (as scheduled by team members)  One full weekday per month (usually a Wednesday from October through June)  Graduation dinner (at conclusion of June program day)  Maximum of two days absences from program functions (late arrivals or early departures may constitute ½ day absence) Are there any of these time commitments you cannot meet?
    By checking yes below, I understand that I must be accepted into the Upcoming Leadership Ashland Class, and receive confirmation as such, before attending. Submission of this application does not guarantee participation in the Program.