• Leadership Ashland - Request For Proposal: Part I

    Leadership Ashland Program Class of 2021-22 Community Service Projects - Please remember that the projects must benefit an Ashland County Organization.


    Notes: Due to the ongoing uncertainty with the Covid-19 pandemic in the fall and winter, projects submitted for the upcoming year must have flexibility. All planning must be able to be moved to a virtual format if needed.

    As part of the selection process, interviews and additional paperwork may be required.
    Organization Address
    Please Note: Our class participants are working professionals who can add expertise, input, and creativity to this project. The class participants will actively assist with fundraising. HOWEVER, the recipient organization will be expected to participate in all fundraising efforts as well. Projects may not involve political or religious activity. Hiring a consultant to plan or implement events is also not allowed.
    Signatures Section
    Please list the Name and the Current Date for the following: