• County Wide Strategic Plan

  • Ashland County Moving Forward Ashland County Moving Forward

    Six Strategic Planning Initiatives/Task Force Facilitators:

    1. Build/renovate educational facilities countywide to be state-of-the-art – Jim Hess & Rob Ward
    2. Achieve “Succeed & Prosper Through Education – Ashland-Richland-Crawford” (SPARC) outcomes by 2018 – Lucille Ford & Neil Gupta
    3. Complete countywide access to high-speed internet – Jeff Beebe & Rob Wash
    4. Eliminate duplication of non-profit and public sector services across the county – Barb Queer & Glen Stewart
    5. Achieve active, livable down towns throughout the county – Julie Reineke & Scott Young
    6. Achieve beautification of entry corridors throughout the county – Matt Miller & Evan Scurti

    To view the March 15, 2010 Letter to Community Leaders (click here)

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